While we’re on Ryan Giggs…

I always loved this piece – an interview of dad’s from back in 1993.


Clearly a Jamaica Inn-style voiceover, though. This is what YouTube’s automatic captions make of it:

0:16 disrespect
0:38 the bullish for issues the cameras to light
0:41 the small diffident
0:42 biondi’s determined
0:49 fears and there is a problem
0:50 in cincinnati
0:52 degenerative side in just three years in a man’s world
0:56 correct board of a veteran
0:58 three young men page treaty
1:01 fears on the good and the current and that is really fantastic for any
1:04 employer call because
1:06 they are still going on or to the media
1:09 and they get by doing some from sid the support us
1:12 as they say you it became too by going to
1:15 the moment ryan doesn’t
1:17 pena has to be normal sketches yet pension
1:21 will spend about nineteen ninety nine
1:24 what bill clinton
1:27 pace it is greatest asset
1:29 balance
1:29 close behind
1:42 disposal
1:44 concluded that space opens up into the woods was goes well you know you’ve
1:47 you’ve got something about it
1:49 so
1:50 looks like those you don’t really want even without some think about it
1:54 trickles up old split-second and usually go whatever woody
1:57 you know he’s talking about you make a point and a little bit
2:03 of things a little bit more closure of surf
2:06 simple does really football coaching goals
2:09 loans but subcommittee
2:14 this they’re the ones i usually make sure they’re usually miss easy ones
2:18 still difficult ones
2:35 ecuador hates
2:45 we’re going on replacement if united
2:48 review bill duma of so frightened about somewhere between the comparison
2:52 they were you complimented not by the comparison
2:55 yet in the future
2:56 there have been what they said on the second exhibited limitless
3:00 but you did not receive in the same side
3:02 indeed his latest commercial venture along with many other great names of
3:06 united’s history
3:14 charlton no
3:16 don
3:31 his regular perspective
3:33 mister thousand letters a week
3:35 the grandfather sort through them for him
3:38 and his lawyers who by the magic united by monthly bill your window
3:42 valentine’s day brought six thousand jobs
3:47 they do feel that the clinton wouldn’t want to achieve
3:51 union
3:52 mcmillan street people looking at you
3:55 you know you’ve responses changing them
3:57 problems too
3:58 can live with that
4:01 distortion
4:03 we’ll tell you something you located
4:05 to be in this situation
4:08 what candidates plain one
4:10 people from which you want to talk about so-called swine
4:14 which should you open
4:16 what to do to get away from it
4:18 you’re listening to people
4:21 anything wrong
4:23 largest ranking the same friends
4:26 blames the press will close to home joomla
4:30 you know no wants them
4:34 telling about boards
4:39 who understands all abortions for her home for her
4:43 moon
4:44 inches william and pollutants limiting
4:48 really looks after the woman off the field
4:51 in what way
4:55 office administrator there on the other server little
4:58 use of the middle of the local turned off the field report
5:08 blowfish those little sort of thing that individual
5:11 reportedly allowance trends
5:14 two six two incidents and
5:17 they’ve always been relax this is to him out of the nineties
5:21 i would just look around two chains any summer for two pints guns to like he
5:25 says his friends
5:27 and saying friends things had to see the show
5:31 is just insane
5:35 can you please try again today
5:37 bro but
5:42 raining down on the teenage art
6:03 go
6:08 debriefing

Wading in

While I’m on the Gambling Bill and the House of Lords debate on the offshore levy amendment, I have to post this rather shorter but absolutely priceless contribution, from the 81-year old Lord Wade of Chorlton. My Lords, other Members may remember a similar discussion in this House in the early 1990s when the Duke …


Lipsey speech

I’m afraid I have had no time to write of late, despite there being many things worth talking about. I thought that I would instead post this extremely interesting contribution to the House of Lords Third Reading debate for the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill, which passed an amendment to include offshore business in the …


BD retiring from hockey commentary

BD Wimbledon photo2Twenty-five years on from ‘where were the Germans?’ in Seoul, and (astonishing to think) nine years since he commentated on his last football match for Match of the Day (which I couldn’t find on Youtube, but which did lead me, amusingly, to this), Dad has announced that he is retiring from the hockey commentary box as well.

The recent European Championships where England got a silver and the men were fourth coming “off-tube” (i.e. commentated on over the television rather than live at the event), and next year’s Commonwealths being a non-BBC production (Sunset and Vine will be in charge), combined to present an opportune moment to hang up the mike. So he sent a note to England Hockey which read, “Forty-one years have gone by since I first commentated on hockey – at the Munich  Olympics, as deputy to Peter West. A year on from London 2012 in the company of Mel Clewlow and Sean Kerly, I have decided my role in the sport should be that of a spectator – arguably more important.

“The journey has been a lot of fun, with much British and English success, and I should like to thank the many people who helped me along the way. I leave ‘the box’ with a whole host of memories.”

That probably just leaves the Boat Race (where he commentates on the BBC’s world feed broadcast to those not in the UK) and Wimbledon, as well as the occasional appearance as a guest on various programmes on Five Live, as outlets for hearing his dulcets – assuming he keeps being asked, that is!

Unless, of course, there’s an opening ceremony or two to come, or anyone nabs his services for Rio next year or in 2016…!

All right, Grandpa!

Interesting to see that four of the five commercial deals announced this week by football clubs are with gambling companies, and the outstanding one is with a gaming company not a million miles removed. Also interesting to note how the deals are variously about ‘the club’s Malay, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian sites’, ‘ the team’s pre-season …


The Rio debate

A former colleague told me that I am getting more miserable by the hour in my old age, after I tweeted the other day in irritation at having to take off a belt that has never previously beeped at airport security on the grounds that ‘we aren’t interested in the metal: you might be hiding …


The Boat Race

Earlier in the week, I had great plans to blog about the fact that it was 20 years (on 4th April) since one of the more memorable days of my life: I left the Bank of England Sports Club, Cambridge’s perennial pre-Boat Race lodging, as the title music for Champions heralded the start of Grandstand …



The row sparked this week by Liverpool MD Ian Ayre’s suggestion that the club should be able to negotiate its own deal for television rights is an interesting one for a number of reasons. You can see the logic. Ayre pointed out, quite rightly, that these days, the real competition for the clubs with the …


Sport and influence

I was sent an interesting little story from France this morning, which has got even more curious because the page that it was on, on L’Equipe, has now been taken offline. It was about the French women’s football team, which is sponsored by Nike, and which recently qualified for next year’s Olympics. Their sponsorship apparently …


Judicial Review

I went to Olswang’s annual media drinks party last night, at the kind invitation of David Zeffman. It is always a fun and well-attended event, and as I said to him when I arrived, it’s always a pleasure to be drinking at the BHA’s expense. The Authority had only hours earlier reconfirmed that they would …