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A bit more of Bobby N

Having looked through the archive for my last post, I just can’t resist posting the audio of this Robert Nason interview, from 8th September 2004, which will amuse those of you who like a bit of Betfair history… You won’t want to listen to the whole thing, but his bit towards the end is priceless. After he’s told me about my “little piggy bank of coins”, he says (at 13:44):

It sounds like the light is finally going on in your office. We actually don’t want you here in Australia. I would be very very happy if you packed up shop and went back to the UK, and it all became too hard. And I’m very sorry that it’s been hard, but I tell you Mark: it’s going to get a lot harder for you in the weeks to come. We are only just starting the campaign. [….] We have not even started yet. Mark and Edward Wray are going to be writing a lot of letters. […] They are going to be very busy, and I think they are finally getting the message that they’re not wanted in Australia…

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