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It’s a shame that the BBC’s iPlayer, touted to make the unmissable unmissable, only carries the Today programme, well – for today. It means that if you missed Rob Bonnet’s interview with Nic Coward yesterday morning, you have, well – missed it. So it was an unmissable thing that you missed.

Except that luckily for you, you can always just listen to Nic’s next interview to hear it again, whatever the subject matter of that next interview happens to be, because it appears that his nervous tick has not disappeared.

Ostensibly on the programme to talk about the reduction of races in the fixture list, in actuality – comme c’est étrange! – he name-checked one betting operator as being the cause of cuts. Yes, honest: in the face of questions from Rob over his leadership of British racing, Nic pronounced that it is all Betfair’s fault. If he were doing George Osborne’s job, Betfair would probably be at the root of the national cuts as well.

Truly and honestly, this could be a mild case of Tourettes.

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  1. SagaLout says

    You can still get to the Todays of the last week. If you go to iPlayer, click on 4 in the Radio box in the middle of the screen, then click on Schedule towards the top left, Thursday 19th etc . How far in was the interview ? I don;t fancy listening to the full 3 hours of yesterday’s news !

  2. MD says

    7.25am – so just under an hour and a half in.

    Thanks…. my technical ability sadly lacking. and that of the two people I asked, evidently!

  3. JSS says

    I was amused by his interview too. You would have thought that someone like Nic Coward would have the sense not to do an interview with the Today programme on his mobile phone in the middle of the street. If you want to get your point across in a clear and coherent way, you don’t do it by having the sound of lorries drowning out your voice.

    It’s so rare that horseracing gets anything other than a flippant mention in relation to the racing tips on Today and it is a shame when he wastes the opportunity.

    Obviously what he was saying was rather debatable in terms of logic but then that’s another matter.

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