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Me? Don’t think so…

I know I’ve posted stories before (actually, a couple of times, now I think of it) on what it is to have such a common name.  I was once stopped and held for five hours by immigration officials in Miami on the grounds that a Mark Davies with no middle name (the ‘x’ on my blog is a hang-over from my time at JPMorgan, when their e-mail systems, in their infancy, couldn’t cope with my not having a middle name, so an IT guy stuck an ‘X’ in the middle to make it work) was wanted on suspicion of steroid smuggling.

It didn’t help my cause that when they kept asking me if I had ever been to Bristol (the address they had for him was a Bristol address), I kept telling them I travelled there repeatedly (because it happened that my then girlfriend (now wife) was at uni there at the time). To add insult to injury, when they finally let me go (no, not too thorough an investigation… it’s amazing how that is always the question people ask), the rather gruff official told me, “gee, guy – you sure don’t look like a steroid smuggler. Maybe if you’d been a beefcake or something…” As if it wasn’t bad enough that they had delayed my on-going travel by half a day and made me miss three connecting flights, the geezer then basically tells me I’m a puny little runt.

Anyway…all that aside…My ‘Google Alert’ came up with something yesterday which, I gather they say in the parlance, is “NSFW”*, namely this. I don’t think it’s me. Honest.



*That’s ‘not suitable for work’, if you didn’t just find out too late.


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