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Talking Turkey

I see Turkey are the latest country to state, contrary to the counter-suggestion that I criticised last week, that attempts to block websites and limit betting through legislation are a failure.

Gambling Compliance has spotted that the Sunday Zaman, a Turkish national newspaper,  has reported that online bookmakers there are apparently thriving despite government attempts to block access to their sites, with police figures showing that IP blocking has proved to be such a failure that half a million Turks regularly bet online with an operator other than the State monopoly.

Good for Gambling Compliance – although I would quibble with their suggestion that the growing group of countries which have come to this obvious realisation is ‘select’. Far from just including Norway and Italy, the club also counts as members the French, the Australians, the Swedes and – by implication, given the DOJ turnaround just before Christmas – the Americans.

Bearing in mind that the British, the Danes, and the Spaniards were not daft enough to go down this route in the first place, that leaves just Germany and Greece.

Lessons in there for the Euro?

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