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I had lunch last week with a Conservative MP from the 2010 intake. During the course of a lengthy chat, I asked him what chance he thought he had of getting a job in Government by the end of this parliament.

Not a hope in hell, he told me. Why so? I asked. And in response, he related quite an amusing story.

Prefacing it with the thought that no-one suffers more technology mishaps than he – quite a feat, I told him, and offered to introduce him to my IT support chap who believes me to hold that title – he related how, in trying to download all his contacts onto his new iPhone, he succeeded somehow in getting all the names and addresses muddled, without actually being aware of it. Everything downloaded – just not in the right place.

Shortly afterwards, still ignorant of what had happened, he sent a note to someone from his constituency who had recently performed particularly well at a public meeting. The text read, “well done in XXXX. Thought you spoke very well. Have you thought, perhaps, of standing for the local council?”

He sent it, and didn’t think twice about it until he later discovered, on trying to phone someone else, that about the address book spaghetti he had created.

Ooops, he thought. I’d better check who I actually sent that message to, then.

He has around 2,000 contacts. He’d have had to be very unlucky, wouldn’t he…? Really unlucky, I mean.

Yep, you’ve guessed it. He ‘d sent it to David Cameron.

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