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Make Time

In January last year, my assistant Charlotte’s brother Alex and his wife Donna were told that their little boy, Harrison, who was nearly five years old at the time, had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne is a fatal degenerative disease that gives its victims a life expectancy of not much more than twenty years.

If I got news like that about one of my four children, I think I would quickly go to pieces. But Alex and Donna did what I think is a very remarkable thing.

They were suddenly invigorated by so much energy to do something useful that they set up a charity to seek a cure for the disease: Harrison’s Fund launched in January this year.

Since then, with Charlotte’s help, they have badgered and cajoled people into helping them out. Today’s Daily Telegraph carries an A4-sized advert donated by the paper on page 2; and a host of people have donated items for auction at the Harrison’s Fund ball, which is taking place at Altitude 360 on 7th September.

Their slogan, #maketime, focuses on the fact that every breakthrough they make will buy time for the children who have this disease.

This video tells their remarkable story. It is well worth watching.

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