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While we’re on ‘bonkers’…

While I am loathe to add to the miles of column inches that make up comment on the Leveson report, there is one aspect of the whole process I find very odd. I also haven’t seen anyone comment on it, which is perhaps even odder.

That is, why did David Cameron make himself such a hostage to fortune by stating that he would implement the report providing that its recommendations weren’t “bonkers”?

It was quite clear that they were never going to be bonkers. And bonkers is, in any case, a matter of perception: my version of bonkers might be your entirely sensible, and vice-versa. So saying that he would accept anything that wasn’t, was only ever going to lead to charges of betrayal.

With the background in PR that he has, Cameron is normally an absolute master of not making himself a hostage to fortune. And yet here, in the most high-profile case possible, he somehow managed to do it.

Good word, bonkers. For describing that, anyway.

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