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Blackberry car crash

There have been some pretty dodgy broadcasting performances on display in the last few months.

Acting BBC DG Tim Davie’s attempt in front of Sky cameras felt like it would never be beaten for car-crash corporate comms. But then the day before yesterday, Blackberry’s European MD had a nightmare as he did the rounds launching his company’s new handset.

To be fair to Stephen Bates, although the transcript from Radio 5Live makes for unbelievable reading, when you actually hear it, you can understand more clearly why he got tied in the knots he did. The BBC Breakfast version, though, is one of those things where you start off watching sitting on a chair, but then find by the end of it that you’re hiding under your desk. It is properly painful to watch.

Camberton does a great little media training course for clients, if anyone at RIM is interested…

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  1. Trigger Happy says

    Shocking display from someone so senior but I did think Campbell was a little hard on him. If youre promoting BB the last thing you want is repeated questions about the iphone!

  2. MD says

    So, answer the first one in a light-hearted way, and move on!

  3. MD says

    Just been sent this on Twitter…

  4. RichardNicholas says

    To be fair, Apple are being very litigous at the moment. ( is a good place for details) Answering that question could end up hurting Blackberry in court sometime in the future.

  5. MD says

    true – but there were lots of ways he could have dealt with it better…

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