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While we’re on Ryan Giggs…

I always loved this piece – an interview of dad’s from back in 1993.


Clearly a Jamaica Inn-style voiceover, though. This is what YouTube’s automatic captions make of it:

0:16 disrespect
0:38 the bullish for issues the cameras to light
0:41 the small diffident
0:42 biondi’s determined
0:49 fears and there is a problem
0:50 in cincinnati
0:52 degenerative side in just three years in a man’s world
0:56 correct board of a veteran
0:58 three young men page treaty
1:01 fears on the good and the current and that is really fantastic for any
1:04 employer call because
1:06 they are still going on or to the media
1:09 and they get by doing some from sid the support us
1:12 as they say you it became too by going to
1:15 the moment ryan doesn’t
1:17 pena has to be normal sketches yet pension
1:21 will spend about nineteen ninety nine
1:24 what bill clinton
1:27 pace it is greatest asset
1:29 balance
1:29 close behind
1:42 disposal
1:44 concluded that space opens up into the woods was goes well you know you’ve
1:47 you’ve got something about it
1:49 so
1:50 looks like those you don’t really want even without some think about it
1:54 trickles up old split-second and usually go whatever woody
1:57 you know he’s talking about you make a point and a little bit
2:03 of things a little bit more closure of surf
2:06 simple does really football coaching goals
2:09 loans but subcommittee
2:14 this they’re the ones i usually make sure they’re usually miss easy ones
2:18 still difficult ones
2:35 ecuador hates
2:45 we’re going on replacement if united
2:48 review bill duma of so frightened about somewhere between the comparison
2:52 they were you complimented not by the comparison
2:55 yet in the future
2:56 there have been what they said on the second exhibited limitless
3:00 but you did not receive in the same side
3:02 indeed his latest commercial venture along with many other great names of
3:06 united’s history
3:14 charlton no
3:16 don
3:31 his regular perspective
3:33 mister thousand letters a week
3:35 the grandfather sort through them for him
3:38 and his lawyers who by the magic united by monthly bill your window
3:42 valentine’s day brought six thousand jobs
3:47 they do feel that the clinton wouldn’t want to achieve
3:51 union
3:52 mcmillan street people looking at you
3:55 you know you’ve responses changing them
3:57 problems too
3:58 can live with that
4:01 distortion
4:03 we’ll tell you something you located
4:05 to be in this situation
4:08 what candidates plain one
4:10 people from which you want to talk about so-called swine
4:14 which should you open
4:16 what to do to get away from it
4:18 you’re listening to people
4:21 anything wrong
4:23 largest ranking the same friends
4:26 blames the press will close to home joomla
4:30 you know no wants them
4:34 telling about boards
4:39 who understands all abortions for her home for her
4:43 moon
4:44 inches william and pollutants limiting
4:48 really looks after the woman off the field
4:51 in what way
4:55 office administrator there on the other server little
4:58 use of the middle of the local turned off the field report
5:08 blowfish those little sort of thing that individual
5:11 reportedly allowance trends
5:14 two six two incidents and
5:17 they’ve always been relax this is to him out of the nineties
5:21 i would just look around two chains any summer for two pints guns to like he
5:25 says his friends
5:27 and saying friends things had to see the show
5:31 is just insane
5:35 can you please try again today
5:37 bro but
5:42 raining down on the teenage art
6:03 go
6:08 debriefing

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