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Why it’s wrong to say Brexit has divided Britain

Ever since the EU referendum, the myth of a divided country has been sustained by a self-appointed elite that has been unable to accept that ordinary working people decided to defy them and to vote to leave the EU. 

Both sides held not opposing interests but opposing views in the same manner as any collective of individuals faced with a major decision as to its future. In any collective, a division of opinion on major issues invariably occurs, be it in a family on whether the Christmas bonus should be spent on a holiday abroad or saved for the kids’ university education; in a trade union whether to take strike action to secure a wage increase; or for that matter in society at large on who to vote for in a general election.

The opposing sides may have different opinions, but they have the same common interest: the family, the trade union members and the country respectively.

Source: With Brexit negotiations beginning soon, we must challenge the myth that Britain remains a divided country | BrexitCentral

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